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I'd rather go the fuck home


and you think i care because…?


Let’s go on twitter and tweet to Zach’s dad #ThankYouPapaRance

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Cody will call out Frankie at jury questioning. “You suck! Go roll off your sister’s piggy bank. I will f*cking punk the sh*t outof him! Even Britney saw through him and she had no idea what was going on in the game. He’s so transparent.”


Cody, how about telling him something he hasn’t heard. Then, we will give you your props bitch!



how your face feels after the dentist




Let’s Do It! 

HA! Caleb said his dad lived in a million dollar house. Did that look like a million dollar house y’all?

Can we come to a conclusion that the only person that was keeping Caleb safe was Frankie? Cody said it himself! They was only using Caleb to get Frankie out and when Frankie left, he was useless! Frankie has saved this stuck up asshole for the whole game and for a guy that swears up and down he’s all about loyalty, he definitely didn’t show it for long. He chose bros (People who fake it ‘til they make it) than the gay guy who showed nothing but love and loyalty. Frankie even got rid of Zach (his BFF) for that asshole and for Caleb to use that against him and as the primary reason he was going home just pisses me off!?! OMG! Sooooo happy he didn’t make it to F3. Karma smacked that ass hard! 


No ones mad that Julie didn’t ask Caleb about his threats of physical violence to the other houseguests, his jokes about the holocaust, date rape, his transphobic views, his intolerance towards Islam, homophobia, or his racism towards the President of the United States?

Oh I guess only if your sister is famous do people want you to be berated and boo’d as soon as you exit a game show.